Key Features and Benefits For Fund Companies

Professional Investors
  • is designed to support professional investors such as fund selectors and distributors by providing the exact documents they require in terms of qualitative information and quantitative data
  • For quality control purposes, documents and data are obtained from primary sources only:
    • Fund Administrators
    • Fund Companies
Fully Automated Data and Document Flow
  • Seamless automated process governing data and document flows to the fundeye database, reducing the tasks for operational teams of fund management companies
Web Publication
  • Available in 60+ jurisdictions and growing
Dissemination Reports
  • Reports on dissemination activity
  • Provides business development teams with a sales tool for following precise target market segments
PAM Insight, thewealthnet, and fundeye
  • A unique partnership with a news service with 15’000+ subscribers from the wealth management industry in over 50 jurisdictions
  • fundeye will, for the first time, make it possible for fund managers to access the entire distribution community within the wealth management sector, encapsulating chief investment officers, fund selection teams and client-facing private bankers and portfolio advisers, who are so critical in making the ultimate decisions when allocating their clients’ assets to funds.
Brand and Visibility
  • Link your company’s branding and marketing managers from your fund group page to your company’s website and sales staff on the home page of to notably increase digital visibility
Time to Market
  • Immediate dissemination of updated data and documents to all recipients. Automated process for e-mailing documents
  • Enabling vested investors to remain informed
  • Broadening the scope for new investors and new assets.