About fundeye™

The www.fundeye.com platform is designed and dedicated to supporting and serving an international network of professional and retail investors and worldwide distributors in 60+ jurisdictions.

With fundeye.com fund companies have the advantage of decreased operational risk and the added benefit of reduced operational costs.

fundeye.com is designed, software coded and managed by seasoned fund professionals, who pride themselves in providing a solution – with a high-volume capability, fully automated and seamless data and document flows – that is made in Switzerland.

Since 2017 fundeye.com has been a FINMA and FSMA recognised platform providing the publication and dissemination of data and mandatory documents of worldwide investment funds.

All data and documents are sourced exclusively from fund companies, or their administrators, to guarantee both a superior quality of service and the accuracy of all data and mandatory publications.

Founded in 2016, fundeye.com Limited, with its platform fundeye.com is a subsidiary of Carnegie Fund Services Limited, established in 2003 in Geneva and a leading Swiss representative and distributor of investment funds.