inspirational thing to say to him

my best friend told me this “wow i hate my family….i kno how ppl can say how can u say that but tbh i dont have that caring family they can give a ratass or monkeys dick about me for all they care they want me to pay for school and pay them rent keep the hous clean and work two jobs while there keep talking about going on cruises???? they spent my entire school fund on alcohol and cruises between the lot of them their all worthless and for them to say they raised me is buullshit cause no1 was ever around when i was growin up…” I really im trying to help him through his hard times and making him see his family isent that bad but i cant find something to say to him that will make him change his mind about his family

please help

tips for a scholarship hunt

I’m 16, 11th grade IB, and unaware on how to gain a scholarship without getting scammed and wasting my time. I have big dreams for universities such as Yale (Dream school since grade 9 XD) , Georgetown, NYU, Oxford, University of Queensland Princeton, UBC in Canada (Okay maybe a bit too high but a person can try can’t she?) and I will definitely aim them with all my strength so don’t bother wasting your time trolling me by putting me down please.

Do you guys have any tips for me to get an international scholarship? I want to fund my own fees as much as possible because I don’t want to trouble my mom anymore with money.

Thanks for answering, it means a lot. :)

are there cheap universities in japan/australia offering good quality education for international students


I’m planning to transfer from the Philippines to either of these countries. I’ve already finished two years of my degree (Literature and Psychology – but I am having second thoughts and sort of liking Tourism/Events Management *help*) and I don’t want to waste any more money because I am funding myself. I have checked the list of universities in Australia but found them a bit too much for two more years of study. (Note: My plan is to finish with a bachelor’s degree soon enough because my parents are not getting any younger; and I want them to still be there when I accept that diploma. Then after saving enough money, study again. Ha.)

Furthermore, if I plan to get some help from an agency to make the process easier and faster, it would add up to the expense without any assurance of getting accepted. So do I seek aid from an agency or not?

My current uni is 142nd in 2012 Top Asian Universities. I’m very certain you can show me unis that are better than that. :) If it helps, I pay around Php160,000 a year.

I really need help with this; and if you have suggestions in other Asian, European, African universities, that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and I wish I had a gap year.

are different industries so similar that if you do well in say wine industry it’ll transfer to books

I remember nearly 2 years ago some guy claiming to be a professional Economist claimed that the principles of business are similar enough that if you so well in say the automobile industry (as an example), you’ll have the skills to do well in a completely different industry that has nothing in common like say the Wallet Industry or the Restaurant Industry.

However I’ve been reading been reading various stuff about the top dogs of different industries from Robert T. Kiyosaki to Bill Gates to Peter Lynch and I can’t help but all that self-proclaimed Economist’s claim as BS. For example what I read on Bill Gate’s writings and experiences on the Computer Industry shows that a totally different set of skills and expertise are required to do well there from the Mutual Fund industry as read through Peter Lynch’s writing.

I’ve read on Andrew Carnegie’s years of monopoly in the Steel industry and also on Rockefeller’s monopoly on the oil industry and already I can see a huuuuugggeee difference between the two industry. Rockefeller’s industry required a very different set of knowledge and tools from running factories that produces steel. Don’t even get me started on how Ford’s running of the automobile was vastly different in terms of consumer demand and pricing from Carnegie and Rockefeller specialized industries.

So I am curious-Business men and Economists would you say the self-proclaimed Economist’s statement is true?Or utter BS like I believe as I study more and more into Business.

To add, I read of attempts of successful business men in one industry such as food attempt to go into a totally different industry like movies or video games, and they completely and utterly fail despite being so successful in the previous industry they have decades and decades of experience in.

>>omgod omgod worse help<<

hi. i totally messed my life and all. consistant worse. fail at life. in school and growing up bad. i never connected. i meltdown and went nuts and school so i had to go mental and all. been years now going to doctor and medicine and now they want me to go to programs. how to stick up to them?i can’t be affording my expensive doctor and medicine and all worse. i been in school for a while but can’t afford it now really. on top of all my other expenses. i’m telling you, it’s hard. past catching up with me. stressed. boo!!! gonna lose it all! :O!! they want me to go to them. big refills and all and now go to state funding clinic. i can’t. and all my other expenses. all! worse! :O :( ! messed everyones brain up and worse! :O :( !

liberals, feel about chris christie

And no fat jokes. We get it, he’s fat. But if I had to guess, you like him more than other republicans. Things like his hugging Obama, SNL appearances, and railing the republicans in congress for not passing the bill that funds more relief for storm victims in Jersey probably got you all turned on. Do you think it’s real, or is he being coached by the GOP to market himself as the Anti-Republican, republican?
Great answers, thanks. And judging by the responses here, the GOP’s plan seems to be working, and I hope it does. Remember, he was the keynote speaker at the RNC, it’s not like he’s an outsider. Expect to see more outbursts towards the GOP from Christie as he continues to convince you he’s not in the tank. That’s exactly what the plan is I assure you. And I think you’ll buy it. All he has to do is win over a few celebrities, show up on the view and SNL, and piss off a few more people on the far right he’s got it made. As long as Hillary isn’t running that is.
So Will,
Judging by your concerns for Christie’s health, I take it you’d never vote for Hillary. She just had a fracking blood clot removed from her brain. Talk about a ticking time bomb…

bought used car. unhappy with overall quality of car. return

Bought used car. Unhappy with overall quality of car. I told bank i was unhappy with car, bank suggested i try to return car. Dealer only offered to give me back 1300 of my $3500 down payment. dealer has visually inspected and driven the car and say $1300 is fair to give to me in return for the car. I will not loose $2200 by accepting $1300 back. There is no financing, bank has tossed out my loan. Am i stuck with the car? Dealer keeps pushing me to call bank and go through with deal. It has been a month since signing the contract. Once again, the bank has NOT funded the deal, they trashed the deal.